Understanding the process of pre-registration

A simple 3-step process for your benefit

Fill up the form

Fetch 1000 bonus points

Play a special demo game

Muqaabla is going live on 08th October, 2018

However, if you want to win some quick bonus points, and the opportunity to test your scoring skill by playing a special demo game, you need to preregister now!


Once you pre-register, you will instantly receive an email from us containing your unique password.


Download the Muqaabla app from Google Play Store and Log in with the password to verify your mobile number. Select your language option and start playing the demo game!


As a pre-registered user, you will receive email notifications from our developers as and when the game is about to go Live.


Hurry up and pre-register now to avail all the benefits!

All preregistered users will get the benefit of scoring 1000 bonus points before the app has been launched. This will give them the opportunity to be ahead of other users.
With an advantageous 1000 points, pre-registration will widen the scope to be a top ranking player.