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Before live quiz shows on mobile and television, there were live quiz shows on radio. The quiz format has been very popular for a very long time.

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Professor Quiz, one of the first live quiz shows

Going down the history lane, the first live quiz show on radio was the Professor Quiz. It was live on CBS radio and ABC radio during 1936-48. The announcer was Robert Trout. The host was Dr. Craig Earl (real name Arthur E. Barid.) Interestingly, here the host did not ask questions to the participants. It was the other way around. The contestants asked questions to the host. If the host could not answer properly the contestants won prize money.

Information Please was another American Radio Quiz show that was aired on NBC from 1938 to 1951. The moderator of the show was American intellectual, author and editor, Clifton Fadiman.

Here too a panel of experts would answer questions that listeners would submit. The listeners were paid $2 for a question that was used. $5would be paid for a question which could not be answered by the expert panel. Over time the prize money went up.  Live quiz games on radio were becoming popular. For this reason sponsors started to show interest in live quiz shows too.

Live quiz shows in the UK

In the United Kingdom, BBC made live quiz shows popular on the radio. Top of the From was a radio show that launched on 1948. Later it became a TV show.  The show was for secondary schools in the United Kingdom.  Each school was represented by 4 students in the age group 13-18. BBC 4 radio continued with the quiz format from 1970 to 1986.

Live quiz shows in India

The Cadbury Bournvita Quiz Contest caught the imagination of the Indian audience. It was sponsored by Cadbury India and became one of the most famous live quiz shows in India. Originally it was held live in cities across India. It later became a radio show and then a TV show. First it was aired on Zee TV and later on Sony Entertainment Television.

Bournvita Quiz Contest reached the peak levels of popularity in the 1990s when it moved to television. Then participating in the quiz show was a matter of pride for the schools. Celebrities also made their appearance on the quiz show. Later the quiz show went to POGO and wanted to reach out to the younger audience.

Eventually live quiz shows moved to television and then to mobile phones. Live quiz games on mobile allow thousands of participants to contest with each other at the same time. Exciting cash prizes also make these quiz games a top draw.  The quiz game Muqaabla which lets you win cash prizes will be live soon. You can download Muqaabla from the Google Play Store or visit and play practice games now. Happy quizzing!

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