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MUQAABLA’s hall of fame

Ready for a Face-off?

Welcome to our Hall of Fame section. If you have been a part of our winner list for more than three times in a month, you get to be a part of the revered Hall of Fame. Had fun winning all that cash? Brace yourself for even more excitement as we guide you through the process. Any player who wins more than thrice in a row within a month will get to be a part of this special process. You will be a member of the Hall of Fame. Not only this, you will get the opportunity to take part in a grand Face-off with other winners of your caliber.

From the fourth game that you win, your prize money will get allocated to the Hall of Fame pool as special benefits. Every quarter of the year, we will hold a face-off competition among members who have made it to the Hall of Fame. Your combined winning amount – the accumulated special benefits will be matched by the Muqaabla team to make it double. This will be the cash prize amount for the Face-off competition.

The competition will be held among all members of the Hall of Fame, and the prize money will be distributed ranking wise, to the winner, first and second runner-up respectively. Excited to be a part of Muqaabla’s Hall of Fame?

Criteria for Face-Off

  • Winning more than thrice in a month
  • From fourth win onwards, prize money gets accumulated in special benefits pool
  • You will receive cash prize for wins in up to three games monthly
  • If you win more than thrice, fourth game onwards, your prize money gets directed to the pool
  • Face-Off occurs between members of the Hall of Fame
  • Face-Off prize money is the double of accumulated prize money from all members
  • Face-Off will have three winners in ranking order
  • Prize money for Face-Off will be distributed rank wise
  • Face-Off will happen every quarter of the year
  • Face-Off will have a special segment in the App

Muqaabla Winners Eligible For Face-Off

Check out the members of our Hall of Fame

Owais ₹ 227.16
Faiyaz ₹ 180.82
Sanawwar ₹ 66.34
Shahnawaj ₹ 125.25
TAHA AHMAD ₹ 147.89
Goutam ₹ 108.16
Md Azad ₹ 126.52
Mohd ₹ 127.6
Rohit ₹ 22.11
Sandya ₹ 70.27
Durga ₹ 67.87
Dinesh ₹ 139.87