What it takes to Develop a Quiz Game App

Team Muqaabla    

Developing a quiz game app is an exciting process. It needs to start with a vision. Who is the quiz game app for? What purpose does it serve? A great app needs to start with a great vision.

Quiz game app Muqaabla started with a simple vision. The idea was to be a part of India’s growing online entertainment space. We wanted to develop a quiz game app that users can download for free and play.  The quiz game app would let players test their general knowledge and smartness. What is more, players can win cash prizes daily if they are the top scorers.

Quiz Game App

Such an effort requires the various teams to come together and work for the single vision. To put it simply, these are the 4 teams that came together to build the Muqaabla quiz game app.


The development team is, of course, the chief architect of the app. It starts with building the platform architecture of the app. The next step is the development process that requires coding, design, and This is an ongoing process, with required changes and revisions all along the way.


The design team works on the look and the feel of the app. The visuals, the screens, the user interface, all fall under this. The design team needs to work closely with the development team to incorporate the design into the app.


A quiz game app requires a question bank. The content team pitches in here to develop a question bank. Plus they also work on all the content that is required within the app, on the website, and for promotional purposes.


Even as the quiz game app is ready, the work of the marketing team starts. The marketing team focuses on social media channels and the SEO to spread the word about the quiz game app. It works with the content team which generates relevant content like promotional material and blogs. The marketing team also looks at promotion in the media and ads in newspapers.

This was a basic idea of how the different teams work together to develop a quiz game app. App development is a fluid process and nothing is fixed.  Changes and updates happen on a continuous basis. At the same time, the app is also thrown open to a small group of users. Their feedback is also incorporated accordingly.

This requires daily meetings, brainstorming sessions and sharing of ideas. The idea, of course, is to develop something that users will like. In the process, it is also important to look at the competition and see what we can learn from them. It is also imperative that we figure out how we can be different and better.

You can find more details about our team at https://muqaabla.com/team/. Muqaabla, the quiz game app will be thrown open to the public on 8 October 2018.  Do come and play. You can pre-register to win bonus points!

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