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About Us

The origin of the word Muqaabla is Urdu, it literary translates to ‘competition’ and is widely used in Hindi as well. 
Hence, we thought it would be an apt name for a gaming portal and app which will change how Indians play quiz games online, once and for all.
You can access the Muqaabla game from our app on the Google Play Store or check details by logging in to our website

The parent company behind the app is Zivanta Analytics. Our job is to help businesses unleash the power of data, harness resources to drive thought leadership and apply engineering to decisions that result in customer delight.

So why are we launching a quiz app, you may ask? Let us answer that with a bit of background on the online media space in India, a sector which has recently seen exponential growth. With high-speed data connectivity becoming a reality in India due to the market disruptor Reliance Jio and the government’s digital initiatives, Smartphone penetration and Internet usage in India are going to explode in the next few years. A joint report by IBM and Kalaari Capital states that while mobile phone penetration is expected to increase from 65% to 90% by 2022; the number of internet users is expected to grow to more than 850 million by 2022 from 450 million now. Interestingly, one in every two users will be in the rural area in the next three to four years.

What can be more engaging than a quiz game that can be played in multiple regional languages and one that reaches out to the youth of the country not only in big cities but also in the farthest of villages? A game that is all about putting one’s knowledge to test, scoring points and finally earning the bucks. (Yes, winners can collect cash prizes). Or in other words, one can learn, play and earn at the same time!

Imagine the potential of such a platform that reaches out to a large number of people across the country and how brands can leverage it to connect with their potential customers. A good quiz game is fun to play; it keeps users engaged and helps build long-lasting connections, a win-win situation for both the consumer and the brand.

With Muqaabla, we aim to be a dominant player in the online media space-engage users, reward them and connect brands with their customers all at the same time; and all of this happening seamlessly, online, through a handheld device. The scope is huge, the reach practically unlimited.

We invite everyone to join and start playing, invite their friends to play, and put their knowledge to test to top the charts and get cool prize money. Bring it on, folks!  Let us play!

Philosophy & mission

India is a vast country with a multitude of cultures and languages. Our consumers are these very people of our country that are united in diversity. With the help of something as popular as quizzing, we want to bring these people together.
With Muqaabla, we strive to create an intimate connection between popular Brands and consumers from all over the country. The Big Brands sponsor us, and in return spread their message and brand identity through the game bringing a level of exposure to the users and in the process forming a unique interspersed relationship with the brands.


Muqaabla has game studios in USA and INDIA